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It has come to our attention that someone - we do not know whom - is going around the country advising current and prospective pool lift purchasers/users that water-powered pool lifts are not ADA-Compliant. This is not mere misinformation or uninformed hearsay; this is a deliberate lie, presumably intended to enhance the sale of battery-powered versus water-powered lifts. As the original and premier manufacturer of water-powered ADA-compliant pool lifts, we are of course concerned about this.

Potential pool lift purchasers/users are maliciously being put in the position of purchasing battery-powered units with their high life cycle costs and electrical/mechanical reliability issues, only to later order a water-powered unit as a replacement, having thus incurred unnecessary initial and perhaps ongoing expense. We have seen this replacement business from a significant number of dealers as well as end users over the past few years, and expect this trend to continue.

Even more egregious are the circumstances where users have been induced to dispose of perfectly sound water-powered lifts already in use in favor of battery-powered ones under the false promises of economy and simplicity.

In summation, while it is in our vested interest to "nip in the bud" this deliberately false campaign of malignment, we feel it is also unprofessional and immoral for those engaged in fostering this scam, to the detriment of an unsuspecting and trusting public.

Lee Holmes, Aquatic Access Inc.


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