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IGAT Socket Installation Video

The sockets for all of the IGAT lifts are installed as shown. It is essential, however, that you get specific placement instructions from an Aquatic Access engineer before cutting the concrete.

A 3” carbide core drill makes an excellent clean hole in solid concrete. These drills can often be rented from a local hardware store, but the bit needs to be purchased. A larger bit is required for heavy-duty, above-ground, and IGMT lifts.

The centerline of the socket hole should be __*___” from the pool wall or  __*____” from the edge of the deck. Drill the hole at least 8” deep. It is necessary that the top of the socket be flush with the deck’s surface. With the socket positioned in the hole with the notch facing the edge of the pool and using a level to be certain the socket is plumb and straight, pour the anchor cement around the socket.  Place a combination square with level full depth into the socket to assure that the socket is vertical in all directions as the cement sets about 15 minutes). Allow the cement to cure overnight before installing the pool lift.

The IGMT socket installation is similar.

* Distance determined by Aquatic Access engineer.



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