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Disabled-Only Seat Labels


In response to the concerns of some of our customers, Aquatic Access now offers Disabled-Only Seat Labels with our ADA-compliant pool lifts purchased for use in public pools.

While a label is no replacement for parental supervision of children at poolside, it does reinforce the obvious by stating that the lift is for the use of disabled individuals. If a more permanent labeling is desired, stencils for painting the Disabled-Only information on the lift's seat are also available.

Some customers have added signs to their pool area setting the rules for enjoying the pool as well. These signs often state, for example, that no glass containers be used at poolside, that children must be accompanied by parents when using the pool, lifeguard hours, and times the pool is open.

If you did not receive labels with your lift, call us at 800-325-5438 with your Serial Number and we will be glad to send you the appropriate labels for your particular lift.