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Our Customers write to us:

Greg Fell of Cape Coral, Florida recently wrote us to comment on his IGRC lift, "A real smooth & quick operation. Very easy for the person assisting.
"It is comforting not to have electricity around all that water and metal. I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Todd Ailanjian of Huntington Beach, California told us, "I am really thankful for your machine. It works beautifully, and we are more than satisfied with it. God bless your business."

Brice Buehler of Phoenix, Arizona wrote, "The lift is great."

Anita Kathleen Connor of San Martin, California wrote of her Model IGRC, "Fabulous device -- you deserve jewels on your crown. I no longer lift my daughter to toilet transfers. The Aquatic Access lift makes swimming a daily event. Now Catherine has developed sufficient muscles to stand and pivot from wheelchair to toilet. Your lift has changed our lives."

Virginia Crooker of Corona, California wrote to us about her IGAT-180, "It's great! Now I can put my daughter in and out by myself. I am sixty and she is twenty-eight."

Dan Fueger wrote to us recently from Venice, Florida. He said, "The lift is really great and I can already notice a difference in the way I feel physically. The lift has been wonderful and a real blessing. Not only do I feel better physically, but my whole outlook on life is improved. This is the best investment I ever made."

Louis J. Kosednar, Sr. of Scottsdale, AZ, wrote us to say, "It has been over two years since I have been in my pool. Now I can get into my pool and get out without any help....You really have a good product. Thank you for recommending Horizon Remodeling and Lou Rivera. I ordered the lift through him and his crew did a marvelous job installing it. I would have been at a loss if your company had not recommended an installer that I could count on to do a wonderful job."

Stuart Kremer of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania called to tell us, "They installed the lift today and it is working great! I am very pleased with it. Thank you."

Mary K. Krenn wrote our engineers David Nolan and Lee Holmes in January, 2003 about her Custom IGRC, "The lift has made a huge difference in transfers. You both were understanding, patient and informative during this process. I wish all my dealings were as pleasant as mine were with you both. Again, thank you and I wish you and your company all of the best. Feel free to refer potential customers for recommendations. God bless."

Fred Leonard, Executive Director of the Hot Springs Family YMCA wrote us after the installation of his IGAT-180 to say, "Often all we get are complaints when our staff does not do their job well or follow through on their commitment. I wanted to extend a special thank you to your staff and especially Dave in the Production Division for top quality service."

Spyridon Livanis of St. Leonard, Maryland wrote to us about his IGMT, "I am very pleased with this model's simple design and ease of operation."

Jim MacDonald bought an IGMT Pool Lift in December, 2000 for his wife to use in their indoor pool in Rye, New Hampshire. He wrote to us shortly after the installation.

"Although the two cartons containing our IGMT lift didn't arrive on the same day, both got to New Hampshire before the last weekend of 2000. Assembly went smoothly. Please give my thanks to Dave for taking the time to figure out what size plate the recessed socket would need to fit over our deck joists, and for enclosing the steel bolts and braces. Everything fit fine.

"My family is impressed that I installed such an imposing pool lift on my own, and everyone is amazed that it works off nothing but a garden hose.

"The little Grecian "swim machine" indoor pool that my wife uses for her exercises looks over Rye Harbor and is about 50 feet from the Atlantic Ocean. This morning it was snowing as I lowered her into the pool, making quite a contrast between indoors and outdoors...

"I was fairly worried that the IGMT would be an eyesore in our cute little pool room. Instead, I feel we've acquired a fine, exceptionally useful piece of stainless steel sculpture."

Joseph Pudlow of Muster, Indiana wrote to tell us, "We installed your lift yesterday. It works great! Thank you for your product and for all of your help."

Gerald and Virginia Richardson wrote to say, "We are loving the lift."

Pauleen Sullivan from Ventura, CA wrote, "Just a note to tell you how thrilled and pleased we are with my pool lift. Every time I use it, I marvel at its design and how well it works. The man who installed it said that it was one of the finest pieces of machinery he had seen."

Mrs. Joan A. Toomey of Paso Robles, CA purchased an SL-48 in February, 2002. She wrote us to say, "The lift is wonderful. It allows me access to our spa which I need for therapy."

Truman Trekel wrote to say, "I am very impressed with your willingness to provide first class service. I didn't think there was anybody out there in businessland who stood behind their product the way you have. Without our lift, my wife absolutely could not get in the pool and it gives her such relief. We are very thankful for your attitude and know that it must be very satisfying to sleep at night knowing you've done much more than expected. God bless you."

Frankie Bush wrote and said, "I want to let you know how incredibly WONDERFUL it is to have the chairlift. I can honestly say that without a doubt it has changed my life in regards to getting badly needed exercise as well as simply enjoying some social recreation with my friends. I used to be able only to watch as everyone else enjoyed the Jacuzzi®...Thank you again for everything - you were really great to work with and hopefully we'll be doing more business in the future."

Dana Nelson of Mechanicsville, Virginia wrote, " I just had your lift installed. It works great. It's very well constructed, works smoothly, and has some well-designed features. I'm a 190 pound man with NO physical abilities below the waist and I can transfer quite easily and the operation is simple. I am involved in a variety of programs, locally and statewide, with people with disabilities. I will certainly pass along my satisfaction with your product."

Angelo from New York wrote us recently and said, "I used my Jacuzzi for the first time last evening. Thanks to Aquatic Access, I am finally able to use it. I thought that you might be interested to know that, since becoming paraplegic, I have been limited to only showering for the past 12 1/2 years. I am grateful to be able to experience the therapeutic effects of my Jacuzzi."