We help people ... in and out of water ... with water.

Water flows in....the seat goes up.
Water flows out...the seat goes down.

No continuing costs of batteries, backups, replacements, daily and nightly charging. No danger of lithium ion batteries or electricity around water.  No remotes, solar cells, actuators, contacts, brushes, pumps, motors, oils, gears, expensive electronic replacements or extensive maintenance schedules.

Simpler is Smarter

John Nolan, founder of Aquatic Access, invented the first lift for bathtubs in 1962, and the first swimming pool lift in 1980, both powered by water pressure.

Since 1986, as Aquatic Access, we have designed and built pool lifts for:


Water Power = Green Power

John Nolan and son David Nolan are the inventors of the earliest and most popular models of pool lifts, including those that meet or exceed the requirements for pool lifts in The Americans With Disabilities Act.  Our ADA-compliant lifts exceed the requirements  — with armrests, a 350-400 lb weight capacity instead of the 300 lb capacity required, and a seat belt; with optional full-support headrest and a chest belt.  Water-powered lifts are the most energy-efficient and ecologically-friendly available.  The water is simply “borrowed” on its way to replacing evaporation, making Aquatic Access lifts true green machines.

Green Power = Smart Power

Water power offers a reliability that electric lifts cannot. With some of our lifts still in use after 30 years, customers tell us they appreciate the rugged durability of the designs.  We also hear of the disappointment experienced by those who want to use lifts in hotel pools, only to find that those powered by batteries are often not in working condition, due to dead batteries, lack of staff training, or lack of required sometimes complex maintenance.  For ease of use and no-cost operation, the dependability of your municipal water supply cannot be surpassed to access the healing power of water.

"My whole life has changed since getting the pool lift. The pool I built three years ago and couldn't get out of easily for the last two is back in my life! This pool lift is a piece of art. So simple and sturdy and reliable. The water does it all and it does it well. There's no mess as the water used to raise and lower the lift goes directly into the pool. I have a few health problems including a back injury that makes walking and getting out of my pool pretty much impossible and this inactivity has exacerbated my conditions. I can feel it reversing as I get in my pool daily with confidence that I won't get stuck. The lift just brings me out and at just the right speed. It truly is a mechanical piece of art."
Linda D.
Verified Buyer, EZable.com