John Nolan,

The True Leader in Pool, Spa, Tub, and Dock Accessibility

Founder John Nolan invented the first portable water-powered bathtub chair while working for American-Standard In 1962.  He later designed and made an improved bathtub lift. With wife Ruth, and children David and Linda, J.E. Nolan & Company introduced the Nolan Tublift™.

In 1980, John and Linda introduced the first independently-operable, portable, water-powered lift for swimming pool access,  the Nolan Poolift™, at the International Pool & Spa Expo in Los Angeles.  In 1985, J.E. Nolan & Company was acquired by Sunrise Medical.  

In 1987 the Nolans formed Aquatic Access Inc. and introduced a lift for hot tubs — The SpaLift™. Then came taller versions — for above-ground pools and tall rehab pools. We then offered a pool lift with a manual turn for in-ground pools and spas.  

In 1994, David Nolan designed a new model  pool lift for in-ground pools with an automatic 90º turn and a weight capacity of 400 lbs. Later the design was modified and 180º and 135º automatic turns were introduced.

Linda Nolan

John and Ruth passed on in 2010-11, eight months apart, each at the age of 91.  David left us in 2019 at the age of 67.  Ruth, a Physical Therapist with the 10th PT license issued in the state of Kentucky; John, the pioneer in tub, pool, and spa access: and David, who improved our designs and loved working closely with customers, left a lasting legacy of making life better for many thousands of people.

David Nolan

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