John Nolan,

The True Leader in Pool, Spa, Tub, and Dock Accessibility

The Nolan family, owners of Aquatic Access Inc., has been providing access to those entering tubs, pools, and spas for over 60 years.  Founder John Nolan invented the first portable water-powered bathtub chair while working for American-Standard In 1962. Several years later, he designed and made an improved bathtub lift. With wife Ruth, and children David and Linda, J.E. Nolan & Company introduced the Nolan Tublift™.

In 1980, John and Linda introduced the first independently-operable, portable, water-powered lift for swimming pool access,  the Nolan Poolift™, at the International Pool & Spa Expo in Los Angeles. This was ahead of its time, as it was another 33 years before the requirement for pool lifts for public pools became the law of the land. In 1985, J.E. Nolan & Company was acquired by Sunrise Medical.  

In 1987 the Nolans formed Aquatic Access Inc. and introduced a lift for hot tubs — The SpaLift™. Then came taller versions — for above-ground pools and tall rehab pools. We then offered a pool lift with a manual turn for in-ground pools and spas.  

David Nolan

In 1994, David Nolan designed a new model  pool lift for in-ground pools with an automatic 90º turn and a weight capacity of 400 lbs. Later the design was modified and 180º and 135º automatic turns were introduced.

John and Ruth passed on in 2010-11, eight months apart, each at the age of 91.  David left us in 2019 at the age of 67.  Ruth, a Physical Therapist with the 10th PT license issued in the state of Kentucky; John, the pioneer in tub, pool, and spa access: and David, who improved our designs and loved working closely with customers, left a lasting legacy of making life better for many thousands of people.

Linda Nolan

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