ADA-Compliant Pool Lifts

Model IGAT-180
Model IGAT-180/135
Model IGAT-180AD

These IGAT Lift Models met or exceeded the ADA standards for pool lifts for almost a decade before they were written and almost another decade before they were enacted.

All IGAT models allow maximum access from the deck for the user and any assistant.  Side to side transfers are easy – the outer armrest and footrest flip up out of the way and the mounting arm is under the seat for unobstructed wheelchair access for riders and helpers.  Independently-operable upper and lower controls are within easy reach of the rider and anyone wanting to call the seat from the opposite location. The seats automatically turn forward into the pool/spa (clockwise is standard), travel 44″ vertically, can be stopped or reversed at any point, and can be padlocked in the deck position with the water turned off or disconnected.

Installation requires drilling a 2″-3″ hole in the deck and installing a stainless steel socket to receive the lift.  A cover is included.  

Water pressure can be supplied by a plumbed-in line or a hose to a faucet.    Regular city water pressure (35 PSI to 70 PSI max) is usually enough to lift a      400 lb. person, which requires 55-60 PSI depending on weight of accessories.

If water pressure is above 70 PSI, a pressure reducer must be used.


A stationary poolside armrest, a flip-up outer armrest, a flip-up footrest, one seat belt, deck mounting socket and cover, choice of white (standard) or blue seat, a decal for the seat indicating exclusive use for people needing it,  and a wall sign indicating lift availability.



Double or single flip-up armrests, adjustable full-support headrest, chest or lap belts, a larger seat, a vinyl-liner wall pad, and a spine board attachment which must be specified with the original order. Custom Adaptations to any lift are available.

Model IGAT-180

In-Ground, Auto Turn of 180º

Lifts 400 lbs maximum at 55-60 PSI operating      pressure, depending on weight of added    accessories.

Compact and Portable – Lifts out and rolls away with no tools or readjustments needed.  

Weighs 82 lbs. with seat,  57 lbs. without seat.

Installs at min. 36″ straight wall.  Height in raised position  — 74.5″.

Mounts in deck socket — 2 3/8 OD, 7 ” depth. No underwater installation. Plastic piece at bottom of cylinder touches pool wall — protective wall pad provided for pools with vinyl liners. 

Model IGAT-180/135

In-Ground, Auto Turn of 135º

Designed for pools/ spas with bench seats, the automatic turn is 135º to allow the footrest to clear benches.

Lifts 400 lbs maximum at 55-60 PSI operating pressure, depending on added accessories.

Compact and Portable – Lifts out and rolls away with no tools or readjustments needed.  

Custom-designed to your measurements. Overall height in raised position varies according to bench depth and travel distance.

Mounts in deck socket — 2 3/8″ OD, 7″ depth.    No underwater installation. Bottom of seat touches bench — protective under-seat pad provided.

Model IGAT-180 AD

In-Ground, Auto Turn of 180º

Designed  so the entire lift is Above Deck and out of the water until the seat enters, desirable for pools with automatic covers. 

Removal with no tools or readjustments required.  No attached wheel. 

Lifts 350 lbs maximum at 55-60 PSI operating pressure, depending on added accessories.

Overall height in raised position — 110.25″. 

Can also be built with a 135° turn for pools and spas with benches.

Socket — 3.5″ OD, 10″ depth.


SEAT COLOR CHOICE Standard white seat. Blue seat may fade unevenly in bright sunlight over time.
HEADREST – Adjustable height and width, full three-sided support. EXTRA SEAT BELT – One is included. Seats are slotted at chest and lap.
EXTRA-WIDE TWO-PIECE SEAT offers a better fit for larger people. Made of marine grade plastic and stainless steel frame. Fits both standard and heavy-duty lifts.
SPINE BOARD ASSEMBLY must be specified with original lift order. Requires wrenches to change.

VINYL-LINER WALL PAD (not shown) – Installed at bottom of cylinder to protect vinyl-liner from plastic piece touching pool wall at cylinder bottom. 

Custom Adaptations Available

Our engineers can customize any of our standard lifts to meet your needs.  These changes might include:  alternate mounting methods, Heavy-Duty (HD) models with larger diameter cylinders for higher weight capacities and/or low water pressure situations, opposite or reduced seat rotation, longer travel for low water level, different seat heights, longer control handles, etc.

Drawing/Measurements Always Required

To build your lift, our engineers need to know details of the pool edge, coping, and wall configuration, distance from the deck surface to water surface, depth of pool, height and width of the pool wall, the depth and width of any seating surface within the pool/spa, height of ceiling (for indoor pools), etc. Sketches and photos can be helpful as well.  Please fill out our: