Custom Pool Lift Designs

Our custom lift designs have evolved along with suggestions from our customers.

As the designers and builders, we can make changes to our standard lifts for the needs of the individual.

Let us know how we can help you.

Bariatric Pool Lifts

All Aquatic Access Lift models can be made with higher weight capacities.

Higher weight capacities require larger cylinders, mounting components, and internal parts. Please relay your needs and the dimensions of your installation location and our engineers will design and quote.

Pool Lifts for Rehab Pools

Lifts for Animal Rehab

Lifts for Docks and Boats

Lifts can be custom-designed to go from docks to water or boats; and from boats to dock or water.   Even when a sling seat is required, the lifting and lowering is still powered by water pressure.  Standard weight capacity is 300-400 lbs depending on model. 

Lifts for Cruise Ship Pools/Spas

Lifts for Special Attractions