Pool Lifts for Above-Ground Pools/Spas

Our AG Lift Models feature variable travel distances, depending on desired seat transfer height, wall height and width, desired clearance, bench angle and depth, and ceiling height (if applicable).  We have standardized several models, but all can be adapted or customized to the needs of each installation, including Heavy-Duty (HD) designs.  The lifting capacity of standard lifts is 300 lbs. at 55-65 PSI, depending on weight of added accessories.  Seats are turned manually 360º.

Seats can be forward-facing (cylinder behind seat) for assisted operation, or side-facing (with the cylinder to the left or right of the seat) providing possible independent operation.  Many people can rotate themselves over the side of the pool or spa and also reach the control knob, with a self-turning handle accessory available.  The fresh water used to lift the seat can be drained into the pool/spa, or through a longer hose to water the garden or otherwise recycle.

Model AG-48

Vertical Seat Travel — 31″

Lift Height in Raised Position — 7’4″


Model AG-60

Vertical Seat Travel — 42″

Lift height in raised position — 9’3″

Model AG-72

Vertical Seat Travel — 51″

Lift height in raised position — 11′

For concrete or wood floors/decks, the cylinders are welded to a stainless steel plate and bolted to the floor.  Mounting options include a top wall bracket and tripod bracing for free-standing units.  

For installing in the ground, the cylinder mounts to a (customer-supplied) 6″ x 6″ treated wood post (WP) usually set in concrete a minimum of 30″ deep. 


Two stationary armrests,  one seat belt, deck mounting hardware, choice of white (standard) or blue seat.  Blue seats tend to fade unevenly in bright sunlight over time.



Single flip-up armrests for transfer side of side-facing seat, right or left side-facing seats, double flip-up armrests, adjustable full-support headrest, seat belts, a larger seat, a footrest, and an underseat pad to protect spa benches. 


FLIP-UP ARMREST on transfer side. SEAT BELTS – Seats are slotted at chest and lap. HEADREST – Adjustable height, angle, and width, full three-sided support.
EXTRA-WIDE TWO-PIECE SEAT offers a better fit for larger people. Made of marine-grade plastic with a stainless steel frame, this seat fits both standard and heavy-duty lifts.
SEAT COLOR CHOICE The standard white seat is a better choice for outdoor pools as the blue seat sometimes fades unevenly in bright sunlight.

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